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This section archives datasheets and specifications for the various components
used to develop the ivtv driver.


The following datasheets for audio processors are available:

        Wolfson Microelectronics 24-bit, 96kHz ADC with 4 Channel I/P Multiplexer

        Wolfson Microelectronics Stereo Audio ADC

        Micronas MSP3400D, MSP3410D Multistandard Sound Processors

        Cirrus Logic Low Voltage, Stereo A/D Converter


The following datasheets for video processors are available:

        Philips SAA7114 PAL/NTSC/SECAM video decoder with adaptive PAL/NTSC comb
        filter, VBI data slicer and high performance scaler

        Philips SAA7115 PAL/NTSC/SECAM Video Decoder with Adaptive PAL/NTSC Comb
        Filter, High Performance Scaler, I2C Sliced Data Readback and SQ
        Pixel Output

        Philips SAA7126H; SAA7127H Digital video encoder

        Philips SAA7128H; SAA7129H Digital video encoder

        Conexant CX25836/7 Video Decoder

        Conexant CX25840/1/2/3 Video Decoder and Broadcast Audio Decoder

        NEC uPD64083 Three-Dimensional Y/C Separation LSI with On-Chip Memory


The following datasheets for tuners are available:

tuners/7683ED07  4040 FI5 Front End data sheet.pdf
        Microtune 4040 FI5 RF Front End Module (3x7683, 3x7748)

        Philips FM1216ME (MK3 family) Multi-Standard Desktop Video & FM Radio Module

tuners/FM1236 Mk3_Oct_18_01.pdf
        Philips FM1236 MK3 RTMA M/N Desktop Video & FM Radio Module

tuners/FQ1200MK3 application note 1_0.pdf
        Philips FQ1200MK3/FM1200MK3 Family Application Note
        [ Recommended reading for these tuners. Explains the relationship between
          the tuner and the TDA9887 module. ]

        Philips FQ1216AME MK4 Multi-Standard Miniature Video Module

tuners/FQ1216LME Mk3.pdf
        Philips FQ1216LME (MK3 family) Multi-Standard Desktop Video Modules With
        Active Splitter

tuners/FQ1216ME_3 16-02-04.pdf
        Philips FQ1216ME (MK3 family) Multi-Standard Desktop Video Modules

        LG Innotek TAPE-H091F Multimedia tuner NTSC-System M/N(JPN) & FM Radio

tuners/TAPE-S001D(BG I DK L L') 20040408 spec.doc
        LG Innotek TAPE-S001D Multimedia Tuner PAL, SECAM Multi-System & FM Radio

        TCL TCL2002N-6A Multimedia Tuner NTSC

        Philips TDA9887 I2C-bus controlled multistandard alignment-free IF-PLL demodulator
        with FM radio

        Philips TEA5767HL Low-power FM stereo radio for handheld applications

        Microtune Frontend 4049 FM5 (3x8168; 3x8292)


PAL VBI standards

The following datasheets can be downloaded free of charge from

ETSI EN 300 294
        Television systems; 625-line television Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)

ETSI EN 300 706
        Enhanced Teletext specification

ETSI EN 301 775
        Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Specification for the carriage of
        Vertical Blanking Information (VBI) data in DVB bitstreams

ETSI TS 101 231
        Television systems; Register of Country and Network Identification (CNI),
        Video Programming System (VPS) codes and Application codes for Teletext
        based systems

The following datasheet can be downloaded free of charge from:

EBU Technical Standard N12-1999
        Time-and-control codes for television recording